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Love, Aly

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Our Story and Purpose

We are here to brighten this world through meaningful skincare products.

For us, skincare as an expression of self-love, self-understanding and self-acceptance. And we believe that only when we love ourselves, we can love others and the world we live in.

Our passion is to create and make skincare products that you can trust and rely on. We want our products to become your closest friends – the ones who truly understand and look after you. So that they are there for you when you need them. They feel like a hug.

Like you, our products are authentic, clever and simply beautiful. They care about this world and want to make it better – through sustainability, empowerment, innovation and, above all, love.

What we believe in

ALY’S believe that the purpose behind the business should always be bigger than the business itself.

Here is what makes us who we are:


– We are an Ethical Business. Driven by values of respect, no-harm, love to ourselves, others, life and the world. That’s why we choose cruelty-free, plant-based ingredients and sustainable packaging.

– We Empower choice through education.  Because we all have only one body, we ought to treat with respect and care. One of the ways to achieve it is through transparent skincare – clear labelling, ingredient information, recommendations for the best skincare routine. Letting you know what works and what doesn’t in our Beauty Workshops. Marketing is important to communicate our messages but it is used to empower not to deceive.

– We Give Back to the community and ourselves. One way of doing so is by producing the most amazing natural skincare products that work. Sharing our success through giving part of our revenue to educational projects for teenagers and young adults is another. And we support other local businesses, especially small ones.

– We believe in Growth. Exploration and learning are integral parts of our lives. Innovation, experimentation and improvement are the ways we can ensure we always deliver only the best available.

We Celebrate life, nature, beauty, each other and ourselves. We share success stories, big or small. Encouragement, inspiration, motivation, support, believing, listening and giving are our mantra. We communicate and we engage.

– We Help. Our products are designed to be your little ray of sunshine everyday. That’s why we carefully select ingredients look after your skin. Their textures make you feel kissed. The scents cherish your spirit and either balance, calm or lift you up. We are here to answer your questions.




Alyona LOVE ALY'S Ethical Skincare

About Aly

For Aly (short for Alyona), skincare has always been an important self-care ritual. And she believes that you can always buy a new dress, but never new skin. So it should not be surprising that Aly has tried nearly every skincare product on Earth – well, not really but it certainly feels like that to her!

A chance introduced Aly to making natural skincare products and being a researcher at heart and an explorer in life, Aly dove in into the fascinating world of botanical skincare. She completed a Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation at the world’s leading accredited Organic Cosmetic Science School, Formula Botanica and spent countless hours experimenting and creating products in her cosmetics lab.

Early in her studies, essential oils and their health benefits sparked Aly’s interest. Being a tertiary-qualified mental health professional (check out her Mornington private practice here!), Aly decided to incorporate emotional aromatherapy in her high-performance skincare formulations, so that the products work both for the skin and the mind.

And this is how ALY’S. Skincare for the Soul was born.

making natural skincare
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