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NO. ALY’S. SKINCARE FOR THE SOUL was created as a natural, green beauty, organic skincare product range and is decidedly against the use of synthetic, artificial and toxic ingredients. All our product are made out of either certified organic or natural ingredients.


ALY’S makes all our products locally in Australia. The products are handcrafted in small batches of around 400 gr with precise batch recording and tight quality control.

We believe in supporting local small businesses and engage such businesses where possible.

+ - how does pre-order work?

When we have developed a brand-new product, to be market-ready and to pass our strict safety testing, about 3-4 weeks of extra time are required. During this time we run a limited-time pre-order offer, which allows ALY’S customers to secure the latest product at a special introductory discount of 15%.

Once the checking process is finalized, we complete the pre-orders and ship the products to the customer.

+ - Is ALY'S sustainable?

ALY’S. Madly organic is dedicated to local, natural and where possible organic plant-based ingredients. We believe that nature has provided us with all we need to look after our bodies, therefore botanical extracts and oils form the basis of ALY’S products.

To reduce the ecological footprint, ALY’S sources all ingredients locally from selected well-known suppliers, with most of them being accredited as Australian Certified Organic (ACO) companies.

We use environmentally friendly packaging, such as glass, recycled paper and cotton bags, and encourage you to return the packaging back to use for re-use.

+ - can i return my bottles and packaging to ALY'S?

Of course! Not only we welcome back all our glass bottles and jars, along with the cotton bag packaging, but we also thank you with a 15% discount of your next ALY’S order. If you have several ALY’S product packaging items (for example, one from a Just One Sleep Night Cream and another one from Everyday Serum), each of the returns receives its own discount code. You can use each of the discount codes towards a future purchase with ALY’S.

Just notify us via a quick email to hello@lovealys.com.au of your return parcel and we will respond to your email with the shipment details. Once your parcel is received, we will email you with a special 15% discount code for your next purchase.

Please note that each discount can be used only once per product and can’t be applied to our product samples/testers.

+ - How do I get extra discount?

5% discount is available for all customers who wish to start following us on Instagram @_lovealys or Facebook @alysskincareforthesoul and have liked at least three of our posts there. You can even earn 10% discount by following and liking us on both Facebook and Instagram!

If you are already a follower of ALY’S on social media, just write a review on one of our products to receive your 5% discount.

To make sure we are aware of your extra discount entitlement, please make a short note in the ADDITIONAL INFORMATION notes section for your order.

+ - What is the product's shelf life?

As we want to keep strong synthetic chemicals away from our natural skincare creations, we use only natural and naturally-derived preservation ingredients. These broad spectrum preservatives keep the product fresh and safe for the duration of 6 months from opening.

To keep the products in its best condition and at highest functionality, please store it in a cool (your fridge is best!), dry location away from direct sunlight. This way amazing botanical antioxidants will retain their protective and healing powers for months.

+ - What is the shipping policy?

When you order products worth $50 or more, we will gladly ship your order for FREE across Australia. Internationally, FREE shipping applies to all orders $100 and above.

+ - What is the returns policy?

You can return any unused, unopened LOVE ALY’S product in its original packaging back to us at full refund within a week from delivery.

If for some reason you started using our product and are not happy with it, please send us an email via the contact form and we will do our best to resolve the situation with the best outcome for you.

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