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The Gift of Skincare

To me, skincare is a precious gift. But so often skincare manufacturers focus in their marketing on the so-called “pain points”. Pain points are problems that a customer wants to fix using skincare. Typical examples are dry skin, wrinkles, acne or just ageing skin.

In my perspective there is a problem with such approach.

The Problem With Pain Points

Firstly, it makes us see skincare a bit like a medicine for the skin. And because not everyone enjoys visits to the doctor, quite a few people don’t use skincare altogether – missing out on wonderful care for their skin and soul.

Secondly, too much focus on what one might call a problem – like ageing skin or wrinkles – can create a perception that these skin conditions are not ok. This is quite sad, frankly. Because we might regard something absolutely normal, worth of respect and recognition as undesirable and embarrassing. It is quite encouraging to see that the trend is going away from using the term “anti-ageing” in skincare promotion – as there is nothing wrong with ageing.

Further, paint point advertising may add another thing to worry about – and I am sure no one needs it, we have enough on our plates as it is.

The Special Gift of Skincare

Instead of looking at how skincare can reduce your “pain”, I prefer to think of skincare as a very special gift – The Gift of Skincare.

Skincare products can be a pure delight for the body and soul in so many ways. Imagine, you ordered a beautiful bottle of facial oil online. The day it arrives you can’t wait to open it and see how it looks and feels. Just the excitement and anticipation can brighten your whole day!

packaging red ribbon
Lovingly handcrafted packaging

You unwrap and get to see the packaging. You might find a hand-written note from the maker, a refreshingly scented wrapping tissue or a beautiful ribbon – all very nice touches.

aly miracle plants facial oil

And then you open the bottle and enjoy the product itself. Its scent and colour are probably the first things you experience. Vibrant, happy colours will instantly cheer you up, while the uplifting scent of the product – especially if there are essential oils involved – can calm and ground you. You might even feel you are suddenly in a spa or by the ocean, far away from the worries of the day.

oil drop in the hand
Just pouring oil into your hand helps your hands feel more soothed.

Next you put a few drops of the product into your hands. While rubbing the oil, your hands would feel soothed and more relaxed. Once you apply the oil onto your face, you can smell the uplifting and warming scents. The gentle, light texture of the oil being massaged into your skin feels calming and hydrating. You probably feel pretty good right now!

And this was just the product application. Natural plant-based ingredients can have amazing benefits for the skin, improving its overall condition and giving that healthy, pampered glow. And with great skin you feel great too. You might have more energy, more confidence, more creativity, more fun – all thanks to that very special self-care tool – The Gift of Skincare.

feeling good aly

Love, Aly xo

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